Introductory Accreditation & Maintaining Full Desk Audit Forms

A municipality must fill out and submit the Full Desk Audit forms when making an application to move from the Baseline IPM Accreditation level to the Introductory IPM Accreditation level.  They must also be submitted at the end of each calendar year.

An auditor will review the information submitted and prepare an Auditor’s Report.    The IPM Accreditation status of the municipality will depend on the recommendations in the Auditor’s Report.

Note that all Full Desk Audit forms must be complete and the registration fee received before the Auditor will review the application.


Introductory Accreditation Information Guide


A municipality will annually submit completed ‘Maintaining Full Desk Audit’ forms to retain Fully IPM Accreditation status.

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Form 1-Municipal – Maintain Full Desk Audit

Form 2-Municipal Maintain Full Desk Audit

Form 3-Municipal Maintain Full Desk Audit

Form 4-Municipal Maintain Full Desk Audit

Form 5-Municipal Maintain Full Desk Audit